NBN Building, Docklands

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said:

"The facilities at Docklands are the nerve centre of the National Broadband Network and a hub for future innovation as we bring broadband to life across Australia.

"At the same time, we receive thousands of emails and calls each week from individuals, businesses and local councils asking when the NBN is coming to their area, and wanting to know how it works, what they can use it for, and how to get connected. The two demonstration facilities make it possible for people to experience for themselves some of the exciting applications in education, health and business that can be delivered over the NBN."

The facilities are the result of more than a year's work and NBN Co will have created more than 900 jobs in Victoria by the end of 2012.




Sector: Office

Facts: High-rise

Address: Collins Square, Docklands



Value: $32.5 million





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NBN Building, DocklandsNBN Building, DocklandsNBN Building, DocklandsNBN Building, Docklands


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